October 7, 2015

Monochrome Feeling

Assalamu'alaikum ~
How's your day?

Last Monday I decided to went out rather than stayed at home. Sorry for not posting anything lately because I always stay home because of low allowance when it close to the end of the month T_T. And last seven days my grandma were hospitalized because she felt week and exhausted since my aunt went hajj every week she prepared some "Pengajian or Tahlilan" to send some prayer for my aunt who went hajj this year. :( so my family went around home and hospital again and again for the past day. Alhamdullilah she was released today. ^^

So, I went to some local cafe inside a Train Station called LOKO CAFE. This cafe located in Gubeng Train Station. If you ever travel to Surabaya using train you will know this statition. This cafe is minimalis but spacious and the place is nice too. It will be good for meeting, meet up with friends or collegue or with your loved ones.
See my review about this cafe here

Because monochrome patterns are booming right now I try to make the look too. With small square pattern hijab, black blouse and stripe skirt and black flats shoes and I have the simple monochrome look. ^^

October 5, 2015

Hello October!

Heyaaa long time no see! 
It is October already! 
Forthe first week how is it going? 
I hope you all doing well ^^ 

See you around! 

September 29, 2015

Lazy Day ~

Yay finally I get some lazy day after a long journey of my degree. Today I just feel so lazy wearing any shoes and just use my comfy sandals. I don't really care even if we went to mall this evening. Lol! 

pardon my burnt feet. Surabaya is so hot! you have to wear sock to avoid this :( 

Scarf : Unbranded // Tartan Shirt : Gisha Shop ( Instagram) // Stripe Skirt : ROK GALIYA // Sandal : ADIDAS // Bag : MANGO

I treated myself with this lovely flavour of ice Cream from Ice Cream Queens on Mall near my home. 
The bittersweet of Black Nutella with Marshmallow and Red Velvet cheese Cake with Brownies were melted in my mouth. Their flavour were gorgeous ! They're so pricey but Worth it. 30.000 IDR for One Scoop and 50.000 IDR for Two Scoop. I was wondering why this is so pricey Now I know why. XD

Tommorow I am going to pick up my aunties. They're finally back from their Hajj. I am so glad they're safe beside there are so much insident during this year Hajj. I am trully sorry for those who've had lost their family or their Relative. I hope they will rest in peace and given the best place beside HIM. 

I'll post something tommorrow pick up then. See you on My next Post! Be safe and healthy guys! ^^ 

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September 26, 2015


Let's take our time to pray for those victim in Mina. This year there's a lot accident has been accured. First, the crane insident, second the fire at hotel and lastly the Mina Insident where a lot of people had died because they'd been steped in by another jamaah while doin stoning the Devil or so we called "Lempar Jumroh" . This deadly insident called 2015 Hajj Stampede has killed more than 1000 so far and this number still rise :( 
The cause of this accident still being investigated. 

Well, I hope the victim will rest in peace and deserve a better place beside HIM. 

If you, or your family even your relative on this year hajj will be okay and return home safely. #prayForMina 

September 22, 2015

QOTD : Life Lessons

In Life there's something you'll learn at school, from your parents, your friends or from a book. But sometimes there's some lesson that you'll understand after you finally experience it. 
I like searching some quote or life lesson from a book or some mangas or even from drama and tv series. There's some scene or chapter on a book or on the drama that it's words or sentence helped me understand what I've been through. 
I will like "Oh, So that's the word to describes my state / feeling / situation right now" 

That's why I love reading book or manga and watching drama. When there's a new story there will be a new lesson that I will learned. ^^ 
How about you? 
Here some quotes from #88 Love Life By Diana Rikasari. This book is so colorfull and the words is so beautiful. That's why this book always became best seller every week. 

September 21, 2015

Playground Selfie at Taman Korea

It's Monday again~ 
How's your day? Good ? Bad? Well, It's still the first day of the week, keep your spirit till Friday guys!
Last Time We went out after for a while never see each other. We playing, hang out, karaoke all day long till evening. 
Before we went home we take some photos a.k.a Selfie on nearby Park. Later I know that This Park called "Taman Korea" or "Taman Persahabatan Surabaya-Korea" (Surabaya-Korea Friendship Park)
There is a monumen there. 
It's quite park actually so we can freely take selfies without a shame. It's beautiful park but, you have to take a walk there. You can't bring your motorcycle or car over there because there's no parking lot except you've park your vehicle in the nearest cafe or restaurant there.