April 6, 2013

Kiss the Black

Hello readers!
Finally I can write post on my blog again. feels like I didn't blog for years! gaps. 
Since the 4th semester is already on going and a lot of task experiment plus the report afterexperiment , and my responsibility on campus organization, you may called it 'BEM Jurusan' . There's a lot of things to do and finish before deadline so I have to make priority of them. Sadly blogging is well , you can say third from the last thing I have to do :')
But If I have time I would love to greetings with all of you again :)
This is my outfit for havingquality time with family check them out!

chubby face. ugghh

unbranded tops , shoes by +AdorableProjects Indonesia and my favourite bag these day by Flashy

how cute bags isn't it?

Today is my Grandma birthday anyway! we celebrated it today with the big family, I will share it to you on the next post see ya guys! 

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