Playground Selfie at Taman Korea

September 21, 2015

It's Monday again~ 
How's your day? Good ? Bad? Well, It's still the first day of the week, keep your spirit till Friday guys!
Last Time We went out after for a while never see each other. We playing, hang out, karaoke all day long till evening. 
Before we went home we take some photos a.k.a Selfie on nearby Park. Later I know that This Park called "Taman Korea" or "Taman Persahabatan Surabaya-Korea" (Surabaya-Korea Friendship Park)
There is a monumen there. 
It's quite park actually so we can freely take selfies without a shame. It's beautiful park but, you have to take a walk there. You can't bring your motorcycle or car over there because there's no parking lot except you've park your vehicle in the nearest cafe or restaurant there. 

Most of the photos taken by my iPhone camera with Superwide Eagle Eye Lense put in it front camera. It;s quite useful when you have take group photos with a lot of people. It's cheaper than GoPro or SJCam camera. It took me only 200.000 IDR on some Instagram Onlineshop. 

I am quite curious about this place so I search some article about and then find this article about the history of this park.
"Taman Persahabatan” is a produce of Surabaya City Government located at Jalan Dr. Soetomo Surabaya. The development of the park is based on cooperation between the two countries stationed in Surabaya. Government of Indonesia provide a place, while the Korean government is build the park. The park was built on the land about 1,200 square meters with a fund of about Rp 600 million.
The inauguration was marked by the signing of the inscription by the previous mayor of Surabaya, Bambang Dwi Hartono and Chairman of the Association of South Korean Society in Singapore, Mr Lim Taek Sun. This park is the inscription of cooperation between the two countries, that shows between Surabaya, Indonesia and South Korea have a long term cooperation in various fields, Among the field is education, trading, infrastructure development, and culture.
The consideration to build the park in Dr. Soetomo street is about there are numbers of foreign residents around the street, it will shown to the public that this park is a symbol of corporation between South Korea and Surabaya, Indonesia.
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