August 26, 2015

Sambil Jajan

It's been a while huh? 

Well, after I've had finished my final accessment (which is make me busy) I've tried a lot of things. One of them is culinary. Besides Caselova, I did want to try this field and I started with reviewing culinary around my town. And I make my own account to review them with 2 friends of mine who loves to eat too. 

Why don't you try to take a look? Find username @sambiljajan on instragram! 

And you'll get culinary up to date from it. 

I'll give you some spoiler from instagram @sambiljajan 

Wanna more? Please kindly follow instagram @sambiljajan for more update about Surabaya Culinary. 
And I will also review them here on my blog too. Hold your drool guys. Cause those phote will make you mouth watering later!

Bye, see ya!