November 30, 2014

July 20, 2014

5 Color Eye Shadow

5 Color Eye Shadow: 5 Color Eye Shadow by NYX.
Find this cool stuff here:

May 18, 2014

Rush Hour

hello ! It's May Already 💕(´∀`)
how are you all?
final exam is about tp come. how's your preparation?
these photos taken in rush. cause I don't have any to taken my picture so I'll do it my self :')

more food, place photos and lots more ^^

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May 17, 2014

this song describe me so well :)

March 8, 2014

Sharetea Bubble Tea

Have you ever tried to taste bubble tea?
You must have since there's a lot of cute consept cafe with yum bubble tea every where.

Last time I've tried calais bubble tea and it was deliciously refreshing.
And this time I've tried the famous bubble tea on Share Tea with slogan number no. 1 Taipei.
Honestly my friends was the one who'd introduced this to me :3
She told me that "Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese" was yum and worth to try. It's makes me so eager to try it.

The result was this bubble tea waaass soo good. The chocolatte , rock salt and cheese was well matched for each other :3 hmmm ~
Definetely worth to try! 

Captivative with the Rock Salt Cheese flavour ! xD

Rock Salt Cheese with Cocoa 
- Medium 21 K
- Large 24 K

Galaxy Mall Surabaya
Jl. Dharmahusada Indah Timur 37 Surabaya 57600, Jawa Timur

Ciputra World Surabaya
Ciputra World Surabaya LG Floor - Jl. Mayjen Sungkono, Surabaya

March 6, 2014

Stripe Denim

 Hello again ! It's cousin birthday tee hee
She's 7 years old now but she would have cried if we say she's 7. Because all her classmate were 8 already so I think she embarassed if she was one year younger.
well children drama. -__-

My auntie held a little party on her house. She invited people around the house only. I think it's crowd enough. the house full with children voices. sometime I have to step outside so I can't hear them. But it doesn't mean that I don't like children anyway. ^^

The hat that my cousin given to me ^^
make me remembering the old time and I just realized that I will hit 21 soon *sob*

Thanks to my brother, he was taken these photos of me. Well, I think his mood is good so he want to help me taking pictures which is usually he doesn't want to help me since I don't have tripod yet and I think I have to buy one soon. :(

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March 2, 2014

Carpentier Kitchen

Hello !
It's been a while since my last post haha. so how are you? 
sorry for the late update since college is already starting. I'm on 6th Semester now. wish me luck ! ^^

Have you remember that I'm gonna post something about food? I will post it. This was the 1st post and there will next post and so on ^^
Actually I love hanging around to search some place to eat. I enjoyed it so much and being with best friends makes the food more delicious! yum ~

Well, on this post is about a cafe deep inside a store. If you don't enter this store you won't know if there was a cafe inside it. This Cafe called Carpentier Kitchen inside a store called Ore Premium store on Surabaya. It happens when I became my friend company to buy some bagpack on Ore then we decicded to tasted this cafe. It's my second time actually, at first we didn't make cause the last order hour was at 10 pm and we came at 10.08 pm soo sad :(

Photo credit to INIJIE
Then I've ordered some side dish called 'Virginia Cheese Fries' . These fries is the legendary fries on town. So I have to taste it is that good to be called like that? 
When it came, it looks soo yuum. like you can see on this photo below. There was cheese sauce on top and mayo with union on it. It tasted really good till the last bite and I want more.

Virginia Cheese Fries 
And these two, I didn't ordered them but my friends and sure we tasted each other menu without hesitated :3
the pancake and the milkshake was yumy too! The caramel sauce on top of pancake sweetness was just fitted. Simple and a nice one and the milkshake too ^^
It's worth to try you won't regret it.

Original Carpentier Pancake
Chocolatte Milkshake 

Carpentier Kitchen
Jalan Untung Surapati 83

Opening Hours :
Monday - Saturday 
11 am - 10 pm

Price :
Virginia Cheese Fries - IDR 15.K
Original Carpentier Pancake - IDR 17 K
Chocolatte Milkshake - IDR 15 K

February 28, 2014

Unforgetable Holiday

These photo was taken by my friend at prambanan temple.
Those day was awesome short holiday :)It was worth it that I decide to join in.
Well I think that day we were gonna take a long walk for whole day so I wore something that simpke yet still fashionable and eye catching ! ♡




January 26, 2014

Short Holiday ♬

Assalamu'alaikum :)
Sunday is over and Monday is waiting ahead. But I'm still on my holiday weeks~ hhaa so happy 

These post was #Throwback on December 2013 while I was in Ubaya Training Center on Trawas for one night stay. We've had a big family gathering there. It was such a quality time for a big family that can only met for once a year because their jobs. Because in there was too cold and make me lazy to do a lot of things. ( cold is my weakness. I can't stand it :( ). So I just make few captue with my cousins and my brother. Here's some of it :)

My Favourite Yogurt! My day will be brighter if I had one of it ^^

My Younger Brother! He's taller than me now ^^;
Ready to explore the place

Selfie Photo before I go ~
Scarf : Unbranded
Tops : Flashy
Sweater : RSCH
Pants : Levi's
Flats : Payless

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