One Day Trip !

June 26, 2012

Finally , the day I've been wait has come ! XD

1st Destination
 Mangrove Forest

"Aku malu, jangan di foto nanti jelek."
"apanya? cakep gini lho"

*ikutan pose tapi asal*

*curi-curi kesempatan selagi ada*

" Don't let go of me Honey "

2nd Destination
XXI Ciputra World

About to watch Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter XD

Spoiler ? Watch this Trailer :D

Thank you so much for Today.  It was  wonderful day with you.
One more Thing  I hate that how easily you could make me suddenly sad and how easily you could make me so much happier.
but that's one of  the reason why I love you this much.
Long last dear <3.

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