Meet My Great Friends!

August 09, 2012

Last night we held a simple fast-breaking at my House and the guest were my High School friends ! XD
And I'm so excited about this :D
Let's see our best shoot !

Actually there's a lot of photos , but the one who brought the camera has not uploaded it yet :(
well it's okay haha. I'll get it later :D
I hope everyone can have their fast-breaking with the one they love and caring !
Ramadhan and Goodness is all the way !

See you later !

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4 Thoughts

  1. hey mum, i've already posted this too, but i think yours is better than me.

    1. dirimu terlalu memuji , hahha :))

      ini posting dgn segala keterbatasan yg ada kok ngga :D

    2. Hmm , maybe it's because I'm not good with words >.<


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