Weekend Outfit !

November 20, 2012

Hello again with me :D

So sorry for the late post >,<
so bussy with a lot of and random things at college :(
so how are you find enough to see this post right ? :D

well here I am at Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya with my Big lovely family :3
See it for yourself ;)

Have you seen me ? ouh it's too dark right ? hmm . .

did you see it ? sorry I'm just use my blackberry camera so that make this photo blurr >.< 

Here my big Family :D But my Daddy and my Brother doesnt came out good in this photo :(

Well that was just a little bit photo from me , so sorry :(
next time I will use my SLR camera so the photo will come out good clearly :D and see youon the next post !

Bag by "Equal Beib"
Tops by Flashy and shoes by Adorable Projects Indonesia

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