August 16, 2012

Expendables !

Hello all long time no see. Sorry for the late post lately. Just having a bad internet connection here :'
and finally I can share this post with you ! XD

Well, today is the date with AB! Yay ! We are going to watch EXPENDABLE 2 !
Actually we wanna watch Total Recall, but it's too late, the cinema has moved the movie :(
these was today's outfit :D

Ingredients :
Unbranded Top
Wedges by Adorable Project
What do you think ?

August 9, 2012

Meet My Great Friends!

Last night we held a simple fast-breaking at my House and the guest were my High School friends ! XD
And I'm so excited about this :D
Let's see our best shoot !

Actually there's a lot of photos , but the one who brought the camera has not uploaded it yet :(
well it's okay haha. I'll get it later :D
I hope everyone can have their fast-breaking with the one they love and caring !
Ramadhan and Goodness is all the way !

See you later !

August 4, 2012

Happy Birthday !

well, it's a bit late. I supposed to post this at August 1st but because the bad Internet Connection , I couldn't post this , so sad..
But finally I can share this so let's go !

Today, August 1st , was AB birthday ! <3
I've prepared the gift for him (you'll know it later) and ask him to going out. tehhee

Here is the Gift I've been wrapped for him :)

He accept the gift :D

Hmm, I'm not going to tell you what inside the gift directly so, just stay tune and update this blog you'll finally find out what gift inside the box. I'm so glad that he looks reaaally really didn't expext that gift for me. I do really love his expression while he open the box :')

Happy Birthday Hun ! <3

He's Smile !!

Our Ankward Pic heh -__-
And finally I'll show what project I did for his birthday. Tadaaaa !! What do you think ? :D

That was the story on that day and we will going to make bounch of our love story together :)
Dress up , keep your Confident and always keep your head up. 
you are strong more than you think. Don't ever miss any gold chance in front of you !
See you in another time Guys ! Love you all XD