The Blues with Betty Sailor!

January 12, 2013

wohooo :D
Hellooo agaain ! it's just a week but I did feel like I didn't blog for ages! 
Here we go, me with red again but this time it blends with blue and the gorgeously cute wedges 'Betty Sailor' from UP ! The estimated date was Jan 15th but on 10th Jan it arrived savely on my home! Thanks a lot UP , you just did boost my mood that day :')

Remember me ? xD
I just did create my new look after final exam week and it's very refresshing ;D
But still the cute simple look alwas be my choices! 
today it's time to date wit AB ! *yayness
feels like years since the exam week we cannot going for a date because we both on exam week. 

Tops by Flashy
Bags by @Glowery_Vintage

Wedges by UP
Love Ring by Adorable Project

unbranded cute purple glasses 
The final exam were done and just pray the score that come out good and satisfiedly ;')
and it's time wipe out the stress and having fun before the next semester start. 
Catch you later on the next post guys! :)

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21 Thoughts

  1. blue and red colour combination.. not bad dear! ;)

  2. hey thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, anw nice shoes you have there! xx

  3. hi sweetie..

    wow i love UP shoes too! i collect them like crazy!
    you styled those betty sailor well and i love your top too!
    you really have good sense of fashion!

    honey, of course i'd love to follow each other. just tell me when you've followed me, i will follow you back.

    keep posting, dear,,,


  4. I love the shoes!!! SO chic!

  5. i have the betty brown one as my 3rd UP shoes :) ..they are really comfy..

  6. love your bag
    and goodluck for the result of your exam :D

  7. such a nice outfit *_* your blog looks very lovely and glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  8. Great pictures!!!

    xx Mounia

  9. cute wedges. love your ring also

  10. I love this Betty Sailor too >,<


  11. great outfit! you look so gorgeous, love your bag! :D

  12. nice outfit ^^
    anw, thanks for your comment on my post also thanks for follow my blog :D
    i also followed your blog too :)

  13. waw.. review dong up betty sailornya.. pengen bgt juga :)

  14. aku juga baru pesen wedges up, walaupun model lama soalnya uda suka dari dlu :p
    visit my blog ya ! :3

  15. mba, gmn cara dapet liebster awardnya ? :)


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