Bonjour Bali !

June 24, 2013

Hey guys, it feels like I haven't update my blog since long time ago and I'm so sorry :(
Well, 4th semester is over and it's time for holidaay !! Long long holiday before 5th semester started ! :)
So how are you guys? How you've been lately?
Hmm my first destination for long holiday is Bali! xD
It's my first time here actually hehe
I've never have a chance to visit the island full of foreigner before.
I hope I get new experience and so much happy feeling here !
Gracias !
And here's the photo of my outfit before I reach Bali and outfit for walking at kuta beach soon after I'd arrived and my outfit for dinner at hotel with the tribal red pattern shirt :)

before take off to a plane
just arrive on a hotel in front of Kuta Beach

outfit for dinner 
shoes by DNC Shoes 

And here a thing, we girls sometimes love fashion more than ourself. But not for me, fashion is something we should be comfort about it, wearing it not only to please people who sees. Then while I surf some online shop I found this awesome fashion portal. This cool website called Dskon and this website would serve you with so many great offer that they have. and I could see my favourite list on their offer!  

So whenever I get bored with usual online shop I go to them and their offer never make me dissapointed. so why don't you try to go there by yourself simply by click here. Let's support our local fashion scene by buying our local product? Since our local fashion product has been develop rapidly awesome from the last time. Not only saving our money it will boost our fashion feel same as if we bought imported product. 
Let's browse this website and find our favourite brand and get the awesome offer from Dskon !

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4 Thoughts

  1. kulitnya flawless buange cantik

  2. lucu banget platform shoesnya <3<3

    would you like to follow each other? let me know :)

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  3. you are so pretty, dear !!
    nice and lovely styling =)

  4. cute shoe <3 from DNC
    Welcome to Bali! Apa km suka di Bali? hihi



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