Afternoon Dessert with Your Favourite Date

February 13, 2016

Heyaaaaa, its February already 💟
And its Valentine's day soon!
What are you preparing for your loved ones?  

I'll share my afternoon date Last Wednesday on Feb 10th with my (finally official ) Boyfriend. 😁
We went to Tunjungan Plaza that day, after we got there we walk around and went to sports store (because he loved sports brand like nike & adidas) and then he tried to find something to eat since it is past lunch time already. So we went to Food Court near Tunjungan XXI Cinema that known for affordable cheap price meal than the other food court 😅
And before the meals came I took some selfie with him since we were so rare taking picture together 😅

After some meals, we were looking for some snacks and I choose desserts for that :D 
When walking around I found this cute dessert store on Tunjungan Plaza 4 near SOGO Entrance at 5th Floor, Right in front of Escalator.  So I make my way through this place and I found myself falling in Love with the "Pat Bing Soo" called Desserts. Well, even me thinks this is expensive but A 65.000 IDR (exclude tax and service charge) desserts is worth the price, I am liking every bit of its layer except the bland chocolate disk. 
The Ice Cream flavour was Great. The ice was good, and the cake and ovaltine powder makes it perfect dessert! 
Oh I want it all again! But please treat me this time! XD
And I hope you have a strong teeth for this cause its so cold! Bbrrrr! 

And my Date order this red beans desserts! Even the Ice Cream Flavour is Red Beans too! 
This dish is very nice too! Even I did not like red beans but the Ice cream were great! XD 

Hong Tang is such a heave for a Taiwan Desserts <3 

And lately I've been addicted to lipstick. Matte Lipstick Like NYX and Revlon or today Famous Lipstick, Purbasari. I had tried those on. And I am about to try some lip tint too. Tony Moly and Etude House is such a favourite in My Country. 
Should I make a review about them on my blog? 

Please let me know what you thinking by comment on this post below. 
*FYI in this photo I am using no filter and used NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Monte Carlo. 
Its my favourite color so far. The redness that it gives is so perfect for me. It kissproof if you don't eat or drinks but if you eat the color will suddenly disaapear and will lasted on outer part of your lips. So you better aplied it again for perfect red lips.
But so far I loved it! I will do a full review of my 3 shade of NYC SMLC when I have time. What do you think? 

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8 Thoughts

  1. review dong sayang semua lipstik ituu, pengen beli purbasari tapi masih raguu, haha.
    Pengen nyobain tony moly juga niih.
    Aku juga pake beberapa lipstik nyx dan warnanya emang juara yaa.
    Red beans ice cream, so yummy!
    Congrats for being official couple ^^ long last yaaa ♥

    My Little Cream Button ♥

  2. aduh jadi pengen banget coba hongtang, banyak yg bilang enak tapi belum kesampean nyobain nihh :( menu favorite kamu apa ya dihongtang? biar bisa aku coba :D


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