The Dark Knight Rises

July 26, 2012

Ramadhan is coming !

This month will be my Third month with AB 
And today was my first date with him on this Month , we are going to watch The Dark Knight Rises this afternoon.
My comment about the movie ? it's has a great plot story even I do never like Batman.
well, I was making some experiment with my new skirt and it's my first time ever using a long skirt *duh* because I'm afraid it may make me look more tiny :'
but today I don't care and try to wear it out and I got a little compliment from AB *happy inside*

Let's take a look my outfit today , I hope I looks lovely on this 

what do you think ? do I Look lovely on this ? *hoping

Oh, I just found this cute pic from this awesome blog , use this pic too if you are one of us :D

Well , I'll catch you later on the next moment ! love you all 

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2 Thoughts

  1. haaiii blognya keren deh:D. Mind to follow me back :):)

  2. thanks Deaa :D
    I will follow yours too <3
    keep in touch yaa :):D


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