Fujifilm Instax Mini 25S

December 08, 2012

Good late evening everyone! PINCH ME XD
Finally I get this instant camera ! it's called Instax Mini 25S White :D *yayness*
after saving my money for about teo months finally I can bought this :D and guess what? I'd confirm my payment at Friday 11.02 and it just arrived on Saturday ! Right after I got homefrom college, my Mom said "There is a Package for you" XD.
They arrived on time, I'm not regret I'd choose the one day delivery by TIKI 's Over Night Service. It said that the package will arrived on the next day after shipped before 17.00 and it's true!! *2nd yayness* 

The package before unboxing
The package after unboxing. Details : Instax Mini 25S White, Refill Twinpack Plain ( 20 sheet) , Red Instax Pouch         
Instax Mini 25S ( close-up lens , battery , refill aplied )
Ready to Use B-)
here they are :) *I captured them with my DLSR btw*
captured by my brother *first epic shoot* well it's second actually :3
zoom! look, they come out nicely right ? huehehe :D
I'm ready for the next adventure! and umm , the vintage bag that come out often is by @glowery_vintage :D
are you curious where I get those cute things ? Yes, I bought it online! check this website Kamera-Polaroid for yourself ;)

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