It's A Moustache!

December 17, 2012

Have you heard this ?

yes! it's the new cafe with all about Mr. Moustache concept!
I heard about this from my best friend so when we have some leisure time we went there :)
and it's today the Mon'Ster' Day.

The look of CALAiS Cafe from outside 
Then we're ready to went crazy together at this cafe! XD

Enjoy it? Maybe you need to feel the real Moustache fever here ? Try this cafe :D
Note : when you choose the drink choose one drink with black hat on it. Why?Because it's reccomended.

Location : CALAiS Grand City Surabaya

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3 Thoughts

  1. I love calais so much!! it provides new taste and new way in drinking tea bubble and artisan.. but unlucky me, in Jakarta, there's no calais store as luxurious as in Grand City Surabaya! ah I wish to go to Surabaya again...

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    1. Hi Helena , nice to see you and be the 1st to comment :)
      I hope the build Calais there soon ;)

      I love your blog anyway. followed :D

  2. So it is in Grand City Surabaya??
    when I go to Surabaya, I'll definitely go there. kkk~

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