Halo Phenomenon!

August 29, 2013

Good Morning! 
Have you ever see this kind of rainbow with your own eyes? 
Well, I didnt expect to saw it too. but i did. I saw a HALO :D
Here's the Halo that I've been captured.

halo (from Greek ἅλως; also known as a nimbusicebow or gloriole) is an optical phenomenon produced by ice crystals creating colored or white arcs and spots in the sky. Many are near the sun or moon but others are elsewhere and even in the opposite part of the sky. They can also form around artificial lights in very cold weather when ice crystals called diamond dust are floating in the nearby air. - Wikipedia

and here's my outfit the day I saw the Halo. Then we went to watch Elysium that starred by Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. The Movie is worth to watch! Recommended one! 

Koi Pattern Tote Bag by Motiviga. See another collection by Motiviga here

"Keep Moving and Get New Experience"

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3 Thoughts

  1. You look great dear! your shoes color is nice too. :)

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  2. Really love ur style kak, simple but u look so cute..


  3. nice blog! wanna follow each other dear! :)



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