Wear Red and Get Lucky

August 31, 2013

August is almost over, means holiday is almost over too for college student. New semester is about to start. I am to 5th Semester now it means the subject getting tough and there is no time to play and start to get serious or it won't do. Bismillah,  there's no word such an impossible if you try :)
Let's hope that next month we'll doing better than past month and and strive to be pious to Allah SWT. 

and here's my outfit when buy stuff for Eid :) *sorry late post ^^;
don't you think my case is cute? I lovee this marc jacobs case! 

and I am letting you know that I love this snack too. It's Chubby! <3
My favourite so far is chicken with garlic, black pepper, and chilli flavour. delicious <3 ugh. I'm imagine it right now. 

well, you can see how fierce I eat this chubby ^^;

See you later on September everyone ;)
see you next month! and remember always keep smile, open minded and be modest! Keep in Touch. 

*you can ask me by DM-ing me ;) 

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3 Thoughts

  1. itu yg dik pict ke 2 megang apa sih kak? hihi

  2. Itu megang hp kok hehe
    Casenya motif owly gitu , marc jacob case :)

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