Black, Purple and Houndstooth

September 15, 2015

Helloo ! 
It's been ages since I post my last ootd. 
When scratching some photo on my phone I found this. These from 2 months ago when my brother come to visit my family ❤️
But, why did I laugh now? 

And I just realized this candid photo taken by my brother. I even forget what did I laugh for :p 

Here's my brother, 
We look cute together right? 

Well, I don't really do follow fashion trend I just wear what's comfortable for me cause it will look best on you rather than forced new things because of trends. You can follow trends but you need to make it your own so it doesn't look weird on you. That will make you not comfort and hey, people is so quick to catch they will know it if you're not comfort with what you are wearing. So just dress comfortably and don't forget to wear it with style. 

Lately I've been trying to wear skirt well some reason it's because wearing skirt really comfortable and easy to move and no tight between your legs when you're wearing jeans or pants.
And you can turn back the time so you should use your time better. You are responsible for your own self. You cannot blame someone else. Lesson learned. 

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