Pinky Stripes

September 20, 2015

Everyday is hot here make me lazy going out and feel like doin nothing and just stay home, but today I have to go shopping cause the ransum is running out on refrigerator x( 

I am a little confused about what I wear for shopping so I decided to wear this simple look. A pink blouse with skinny stripes skirt ^^ 

How's your day? I hope you are doibg fine wherever you are :) 
I am a little heavier now and need some diet, anyone know a good advice for diet that did not need much exercise ? Cause  I hate doin it except swimming. I open for any advice so leave your comment bellow. Thank you guys! Have a Nice day *kisses* 

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3 Thoughts

  1. Love that skirt! You have a really nice blog, don't you want to follow for follow? :)
    The Colorful Blog

    1. thank you! and I've already following you!
      keep in touch ^^


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