Family Trip : Jawa Timur Park 2

September 18, 2015

hello ~
it's me again!
I love writing blog and share something to you my lovely readers ^^

here are my trip with family last month on August. We went to Jawa Timur Park 2 which is Batu Secret Zoo and Eco Green Park located on Batu, Jawa Timur. Batu often called the east java paradise cause the weather is so good. The sun is hot but it doesn't feel like burn your skin like in Surabaya.
We were having fun that day, really forget what we left behind in Surabaya, cause me and my family so rare going on trip full team like this. I am so happy being with my whole family that day ^^

behind me is Museum Satwa or Animal Museum 

some ootd photos back there


here are my family ^^ 
thats my little brother even his body were bigger than me xD
That day dress code was Red and Grey ~

find some 'Becak' on some market theme place on Eco Green Park and ask my brother to captured me while on it 

walking all day is exhausting right? 

 so we did rent this little automatic bike it cost 100.000 IDR for every 3 hours, we take turns while using it. when you used it more than 3 hours you will get som fee charge, so don't forget to return it on time ^^
and this is my compilation photos that day. It's quite fun and that day will be one of my unforgetable day. That's why I blog about it so it can last forever here ^^

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  1. It looks so fun! You seem so happy in these pictures, I bet you had a really great time~ <3
    I'm following your blog, could you maybe follow me back? *-*



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