Carpentier Kitchen Vol. 2

September 07, 2015

Helloo ~ it's been so long since I blogged about food! Here we go ~ 
And again I visited this cafe , because I miss the food here. Everyplace has their own signature place, that's why I'd like to explore. 

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The cafe became more spacious and there's also a second floor! 

Everything became good in two years. But the price also became quite up too, but its still affordable :) 


Until now No one beats this fries. Virginia Cheese Fries were delicious as ever! The cheese tasted so good. The mayo blend with cheese and the fries cooked well. Ugh. I want this again already. You should try this! Its only 20.000,- IDR 

And The main dish is Original Carpentier Burger! With 100% beef and delicious sauce will knocked your tongue! 
The sauce taste spicy but sweet and also salty. Its perfect, but I Think I can make one at home with my Del Monte Sauce. 
The Price is adequate 37.000,- IDR

Aaaand we move on to the desserts! 
Here we have nutela pancake and blueberry Cheese Pancake! ( 36.000,- IDR and 29.000,- IDR) 
Well, nutela is good but I didn't like the peanut inside the pancake. Too much peanut in this pancake. But this pancake is delicious actually. 

And my favourite is this pancake, Bluberry Cheese Pancake! There's cheese inside the pancake and it melted when you put it into your mouth. And then white refined sugar was put on top alingside with blueberry sauce. So they united the sour and sweet flavour. Perfecto!


Soo here the best beverage so far (my opinion since I love chocolatte so much!) 
Milkshake Chocolatte will spoiled your tongue with 25.000,- IDR you can add with frappe or not. You should try their milkshake 👍

Here's the view of 1st floor cafe :)

JL. Untung Surapati 83 Surabaya 
Opening Hours 
Monday - Saturday 11.00 - 22.00 (Last Order) 
Friday 13.00 - 22.00 
Sunday Closed 

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