KEDAI TUA BARU : Eat Without Worry

September 10, 2015

Assalamualaikum, Nobody hates to eat. they have to eat. But You have to eat with style. 
Well, now I do like culinary trip than fashion right now. It seem quite fun when you reviewed what you ate and get response from people. It's like I gave them some reccomendation for them. To give info so they can try it and that means we've had share something to someone. 
I do truly love that. Since I lived in Surabaya, So I'll review about culinary around my town. If I get the chance to taste from another town I'll let you know too! So stay tuned on my Blog and especially on my Instagram of Food review here on INSTAGRAM or on the BLOG

Now I am gonna review some place around Central Surabaya. 'Kedai Tua Baru' its a quite new Restaurant in town but already have name. It looks that this place is luxurious but not at all. The price here is so affordable for all people. You don't have ti worry that much about the price here. This restaurant is placed on Jalan Tegalsari 25 Surabaya

for The 'Cumi Penyet' you can have it only 15.800 IDR. The condiment is so good. The spicy is hot but its a good one. The squid is also a lot and enough for one portion of rice.
You definetely have to try this one when you get there!

It looks yummy right? Well, it was! 

And this one was Penyetan Cakalang Fish and it's only 13.800 IDR this one is cheaper but the fish is just a little and not enough for me. My friend ordered this and she ask for another portion to the waiter. ^^

the place is great here. The outdoor is very great and the photos come out great without any effect. the ambience is good. And even in Surabaya is super hot you will not feel it here when you were eat outdoor. 
sorry I forgot to capture the situation and the spacios place. But I can tell you this place is a good one. When I try to booked this place on Ramadhan it's always full and I have to wait for next month to reserverd for break-fasting :(

that's all from me!
thank you for reading my blog, hope you will enojoy your day as well and eat well too ^^
wassalamualaikum wr.wb.

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